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Acceptance Letter: College Acceptance Letter

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How to Write a College Acceptance Letter

An important phase starts in a person’s life when he or she completes the school education and starts college. It is indeed ones good luck when he or she gets admission in the college one desires. Besides seeking good education everyone wishes for such courses that will help them to be gainfully employed and are of their choice.

Here is a sample college acceptance letter:


University Admission Cell,
University of Ohio,



Mr. Jonathan Price

27th lane,

House #8,

Park Avenue,



20th May, 2010

Dear Mr. Price,

We congratulate you for the acceptance of your application for the degree course in biotechnology. The subjects you sought admission are also accepted. You are requested to report to the faculty Dean by the 3rd of July at 10 a.m. with all your necessary documents to complete the admission formalities.

Your request for the hostel is under process. It may take some time before you will be provided with accommodation.

Our college prides in providing the best study environment. Its Faculty was ranked the best in the recent survey done by the Times magazine. It is well equipped with a state of art library and off course an audio-video room too. All this you must have evaluated yourself when you have visited our campus. We appreciate your decision of choosing the University of Ohio as the first step for your career and we assure you that with the quality of education it delivers, it will be a stepping stone of your life. The rest of the information you already have regarding the fees and room charges.

We wish you all the best for your career,


Lance Philip


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